On February 26, 2021, we invite you to join our half-day post-conference tour to Škocjan Caves. The several million years old caves are the only monument in Slovenia and in the Classical Karst region placed on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites. The Martel Chamber, with a volume of 2.2 million cubic meters, is one of the largest underground chambers in Europe and has gained worldwide recognition. Full of extraordinary stalactite formations, waterfalls, natural bridges, and windows, it is home to rare flora and fauna, among them the world-famous cave salamander. As a significant natural monument, it has drawn tourist visits since the 18th century.

The price for the tour (includes transport, entrance, and lunch) is:

  • Adults: 50€
  • Students and seniors: 45€
  • Children: 40€

Please check if you would like to join the tour during the registration process. Payment will be made a day before the event.

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